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Mr. Kim LI

VP, Operation

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Open position

The sales manager

The sales manager:
Work location: Guangzhou - Haizhuqu District
Work experience: two years or above
Education: Junior College
Language: Cantonese, Putonghua Proficiency
Number: some

Job description:
1, the company responsible for the sticker system (with ceramic tile glue), coating system (mainly to putty) sales promotion;
2, responsible for the development, maintenance of Engineering agent;
3, the large engineering project, the landmark of business negotiation, bid;
4, to ensure the long-term and stable development of the finished the sales task and target market.
1, strong communication skills, excellent negotiation skills;
2, a quick mind, clear thinking, the courage to take responsibility, have strong successful desire;
3, confidence, passion, the courage to accept the challenge, has the strong compression capability;
4, with sales experience, putty, tile adhesive coating for more than two years;
5, familiar with the Pearl River Delta, ceramic tile adhesive putty products market;
6, channel, customer priority;
7, age, gender, education not limited.

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